Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coach on Ideal Protein

Entry 2
The first 3 days!

Day 1 - Dec. 26th
I woke up pretty hungry, I had not eaten much of a dinner Christmas night, just a bunch of munches throughout the day.

I started with black coffee with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg and a big glass of water.

Breakfast: Around 8am is had Crispy Cereal + 1 MULTI-VIT & 1 POT/CAL

I took a spinning class at 9am since I was sure I had plenty of sugars to burn off from the past few days of wine and all the stuff you shouldn’t normally eat. However, I did not over exert myself, even though I was not in ketosis yet, I didn’t want to over do it cause myself to crash and burn on day 1.

I continued to drink a lot of water.

Lunch: I had Vegetable Chile (my restricted packet) sprinkled with green chile powder for an added kick! I also 2 cups of steamed broccoli and cauliflower sprinkled with sea salt occasionally dipping veggies in dijon mustard. (I am a big condiment fan)

Dinner: I made a stuffed bell pepper! Yummy! + 2 CAL MAGS & 1 MULTI
I took a green bell pepper, chopped off the top, gutted the inside and sprayed some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and popped that guy under the broiler, occasionally turning to cook all sides.

While that was cooking, I took 5 oz of extra lean ground turkey in a skillet with 1/2 a teaspoon of EVOO, minced garlic, sea salt, cayenne pepper, rosemary and oregano, plus one very small yellow sweet pepper. Cook over med. heat till turkey is almost brown.

Next I added sliced mushrooms, sliced zucchini and spinach. I cooked all the veggies down for about 3 min. (make sure you measure out your veggies so you don’t go over 4 cups in one day)

Just before taking the bell pepper out, I take the turkey and veggies off the heat pour 1 to 2 oz of soy sauce and mix.

Next take the pepper out of the oven and set in a bowl, scoop the meat and veggies into the bell pepper and top it with hot sauce and freshly sliced green onions!

Once again, I drank a bunch of water and just relaxed on the couch till about 7:30

It’s snack time! Chocolate Drink + 2 CAL MAGS & 1 POT/CAL (I take an extra potassium/calcium because I am prone to muscle cramps)

I mixed my Chocolate drink with about 8 oz of water in my favorite mug and heated it up for about 2 min. and added a few drops of peppermint extract and sat down to enjoy my peppermint hot chocolate!

Day 1 was okay. I wasn’t too hungry and I feel great going into day 2!

Day 2

Day two started out a little rough, I was still pretty hungry in the morning and I was having cravings for sugar!

Breakfast: Crispy Cereal + 1 MULTI VIT & 1 POT/CAL and 2 glasses of water

Quick stop to Starbucks for a Grande Americano, with 1 oz of skim milk 1 Splenda packet and cinnamon for some pizazz!

Lunch: Which couldn’t come soon enough (I need to remember to pack some lettuce and Walden Farms Dressing for a snack tomorrow!) 1 bag of fresh steamers broccoli with sea salt. I didn’t like having broccoli two days in a row, but I was in a rush for work and those bags are so convenient.

About 2 hours later I ate my packet, Vanilla Pudding. I noticed I like spacing my meals out to help subside cravings, so I eat every 3 hours.

Dinner: I was in the mood for some comfort food, it was a rough day at the office so an omelet sounded really good. Instead of using two eggs, I used only 1 and added in some extra ground turkey from the night before (roughly 2.5 oz) Lean Protein totally 5 oz. I chopped up a green chile, some shiitake mushrooms and a spinach. Sautéed till done and smothered it in mango hot sauce (approved condiment!) + 2 CALMAGS & 1 MULTI VIT.

Snack: I saved my restricted food for my movie tonight. I had a Caramel Nut Bar! I chopped it into little tiny squares and put them in the freezer so I had to eat them slowly when I pulled them out about 1 hour later.

Day 2, it was a little harder than Day 1, but I still feel okay. No crazy side effects and I got in 70 oz of water which I am a firm believer helps a great deal while on Ideal Protein.

Day 3

Finally I woke up this morning and I wasn’t starving! I think this will be a good day for me. I keep waiting for the day when this really hits me hard and as I remember when I did this last summer, it was day 3. Knock on wood, I still feel fine!

Breakfast: Crispy Cereal + 1 MULTI VIT & 1 POT/CAL

Once I was at work, I had a few cups of coffee and about 20 oz of water. I love coffee, but I always say drink an extra glass of water for every cup of coffee you drink.

Lunch: I am working to be working late at BodyLanguage tonight so I won’t be home till 7:30 or 7:45 so I planned my own meal at lunch today to ensure I am not eating too late in the day!

Salad - 4 cups of spinach and spring mix with 5 oz of chopped chicken breast with Walden Farms Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing and 1 tsp. of EVOO. I wasn’t sure I would get in my oil/fat during the rest of my day.

Snack: Wild Berry Yogurt Drink + 2 CAL MAGS & 1 POT/CAL

I typically enjoy my snack at the end of my day, but I am spinning today and wanted to make sure I had enough energy to get through. However, I need to keep my workout at a low intensity! I don’t want to loose my lean muscle.

Dinner: Carmel Nut Bar + 2 more CAL MAGS & 1 MULTI VIT

Thinking ahead! Tomorrow I would like some asparagus with my lunch, so I cut 2 cups of asparagus and stored it in tupperware with lemon juice, rosemary and salt overnight.

I feel really good about getting through the initial three days on Ideal Protein, I think the rest of the week will be down hill. I do feel a little run down today, but I am pressing on, knowing I am just about in ketosis and will become a fat burning machine!

Excited to have the first 3 days under my belt, Lea

Coach on Ideal Protein

Entry 1

I began my Ideal Protein journey on Dec. 26, 2010. It has been awhile since I went on the program and thought it would be a great way to ring in the new year, just a few pounds lighter and reset my pancreas for the New Year.

Many people were upset that I would begin such a restricted program before the New Year. They would say,“You mean your not going to party for New Year’s Eve!” Even my step father was bummed out he couldn’t use my Christmas Gift of a Father Daughter dinner out to Sadie's for a few weeks. I was told by at least eight different friends and family that I shouldn’t start till Jan. 1 when it’s a new year and I have time to prepare myself mentally (which I will agree IP takes a great deal of mental prep). What said to these friends and family members is I did prepare, two weeks ago I decided, Dec. 26th will be day 1 of phase 1. I will not be a person who starts their diet as a New Year’s resolution and why wait! New Year’s Eve is one night. In one week that I am on Phase 1 I can loose 5 lbs! I will be ringing in my New Year slimmer and already on my journey when everyone is just getting started.

I tell my clients that the most difficult part of Ideal Protein is the social aspect, I remember this from my first experience on IP, but I think I may have forgotten just how difficult it is. Especially around the holidays! So I would like to begin to send out my eternal praises to all of you IP clients that have stuck to program despite Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and soon New Year’s Eve!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy IP Thanksgiving

The holiday season is always hard to get through without gaining weight. Coworkers love to bring in holiday treats, parties with sweet and savory items and alcohol galore, not to mention the meals we spend with our friends and family. There is no doubt winter sparks a time where people tend to exercise less and eat heavier food than in the spring and summer. The combination of the two typically leads to unpleasant weight gain.

With winter rapidly approaching and Thanksgiving just a few days away, what are your plans for healthy living into 2011?

Out of the many holidays it seems that Thanksgiving is the easiest to eat healthy, as long as you bypass the buttered veggie dishes and sweets. With a little thought you can enjoy an Ideal Protein approved Thanksgiving meal!

Ideal Protein Approved Turkey Dinner

- 5oz Turkey

- Unlimited salad with your favorite Walden Farms dressing
- 2 cups of steamed veggies drizzled with lemon and herbs
- Mashed Cauliflower topped with chives (see recipe below)

- Ideal Protein Butterscotch Pudding dusted with Pumpkin Pie Spice
- Ideal Protein Chocolate Muffin dusted with cinnamon and nutmeg

Special Note: If you are on the Alternative protocol, you could even add in a sweet potato with cinnamon and nutmeg drizzled with Walden Farms Syrup or a whole wheat dinner roll (group1). Another choice would be to add a serving of parmesan cheese on top of the mashed cauliflower (group 3)

It can be difficult to eat differently than those around you, but bask in the knowledge of how you are feeding your body! You will not feel sick by over eating, you will not feel guilty for eating high-fatty food, and you WILL feel energetic and can better enjoy the company around you, which perhaps normally you do not have the opportunity to see.

Be mindful of what you consume during these cold and festive winter months. When your New Year’s Resolutions rolls around, maybe this year it won’t be to loose the weight you gained over the last three months. You will be so proud to have not gained weight during the easiest time of year to do so.

Stay active, eat health and live better the rest of 2010 and into 2011.

Have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!

EASY Mashed Cauliflower
- Steam med. head of cauliflower till well done
- Place cooked cauliflower, ½ tsp. olive oil, garlic, rosemary, oregano and sea salt in a food processor.
- Blend till smooth
- Top with fresh cut chives
- Enjoy you healthy helping of mashed “potatoes”

Monday, November 22, 2010

Have an Ideal Protein Thanksgiving!

So you are on Ideal Protein during the holiday season and you want to try to "be good" and stay on track, but you are wondering what to do!

Here are our Top 10 Helpful Hints from the team at Body Language regarding how to stay on track on Turkey Day:

1. Get Active! Plan to be part of a Turkey Day race like the Hobbler Gobbler ( or go for a long walk before AND after the feast to work off some of those extra calories.

2. Drink 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before dinner time.

3. Eat plenty of turkey, salad, and veggies and stay clear of the fattening stuff/carb-loaded stuff.

4. Pick ONE Thanksgiving Day favorite and have a small portion of counts!

5. Give Thanksgiving Day leftovers to a local homeless shelter so you are not tempted the next day.

6. Try to be the chef! If you cook it, you know what is in the big day at your home.

7. Celebrate the day with games, outdoor activities, and crafts...not just food!

8. Eat early! Have that big meal as early as you can and try not to eat and then sleep.

9. Don't go for seconds! Get your plate and fill it one time only...that is all you need.

10. Enjoy your holiday knowing you are not going to gain weight. (Unlike most Americans!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

The BodyLanguage Team

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are You Drinking Water?

Sometimes it is easy to forget to drink the necessary amount of water each day, but it is important to remember how crucial it is to keep yourself hydrated.

There are many benefits to drinking water:

- Flushes out toxins of the body.

- Aides in weight loss. Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your liver and kidneys performing at their peak. When we are dehydrated the liver helps the kidneys function therefore our liver is not able to metabolize excess fat.

- Moisturizes our lungs, joints and bones.

- Enables our bodies absorb nutrients.

- Regulates body temperature.

- Maintains muscle mass and aides in quicker recovery time after work outs

Side affects of not drinking enough water:

- Fatigue
- Dry skin
- Thirst, which can be mistaken as hunger
- Constipation
- Irregular blood-pressure
- Muscle cramps
- Kidney problems
- Migraines

Many of these side affects are also among the side affect of Ideal Protein phase 1 and 2, which is why it is so important to drink water. Keeping hydrated is vital to a positive and successful experience while on Ideal Protein and throughout your life.

So remember to drink half your body weight in ounces of water/day + 2 oz glasses extra for every coffee or tea you consume. You will feel better and see a difference in your physical appearance.

In Good Hydration,
BodyLanguage Team

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Embrace Ideal Protein!

I found that while on Ideal Protein the first week was difficult. Going through the initial process of taking out the carbohydrates and sugars from my diet was rough to say the least, but after going into ketosis I felt great and it was then a process of Ideal Protein becoming routine. Into my second week, I was okay, in fact I was better than okay. I felt great, I was organized and well prepared and had no issue continuing through all the phases. I learned a great deal about myself as a person during this program, but one thing I would like to share is FOOD!

While on Ideal Protein, I learned to cook. To further clarify, I could cook before, but with such limitations on this program IP forced me to become creative. I took a look at the approved seasoning and got very friendly with them, also Walden Farms saved me from boredom. These products allowed me to take my favorite meals and modify them to fit Ideal Protein. A client of Ideal Protein and BodyLanguaguage enthusiast told me just the other day of a wonderful recipe I would like to share and hopefully you can not only prepare this dish yourself, but become inspired to cook in new ways!

Green Chile Alfredo with Chicken and Pasta, Really??

- Spiral cut zucchini and cooked it like you would pasta, but only for a minute or two.

(run cold water over after cooking to ensure not to OVER cook the “noodles” and drain)

If you’re like me, I don’t have a pasta maker, so cut your zucchini in long flat strips...and voila you have fehttuchini!

- Bake Chicken till almost done, you can use a bit of your approved oil here.

- Saute green chile, it is after all, chile season, can you smell it in the air?

- Cut up 5 oz. of chicken into the skillet with the green chile.

- Pour some Walden Farms Alfredo Sauce into the skillet with the chicken and green chile to heat the sauce and finish cooking the chicken and chile.

- Once this is hot, pour over your zucchini pasta, sea salt and pepper to taste.

ENJOY and Ideal Protein approved Green Chile Chicken Alfredo Pasta dish!

Although I am in the maintenance phase of Ideal Protein, I still make many meals as though I am on phase 1 or 2. I don’t seem to miss the carbs. In fact, I am eating more than I have before. Each day I make sure to consume four to five servings of veggies, I have cut down on my fruit which has in turn cut down on my cellulite, and I eat my protein of course! Not to say I don’t eat bread, pasta or foods high in carbohydrates because we (humans) do need that, but I definitely find I eat other food groups first and then have a serving or two of carbohydrates daily. I feel great, look great and am so glad I went on Ideal Protein.

Ideal Protein allowed me to loose 12lbs fast and changed the way I think about food for life. This is a life-style change, it needs to be or you will find yourself gaining the weight back. So please embrace Ideal Protein, don’t just follow the plan, but learn how to prepare food in a better more health conscience way.

Body Language Team

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Curb Your Cravings

Whether you are only beginning your Ideal Protein weight loss journey or if you are in your maintenance phase, one of the situations you may encounter is how to deal with cravings. Food cravings come in many forms and can strike at different times, but are usually not tied to actual, physical hunger. Here are suggestions given in Clean Eating Magazine, along with suggestions from The Body Language Team, to help you keep your cravings in check:

  1. Stay well nourished: As your Ideal Protein protocol suggests, and as guided by your IP coach, have several smaller meals through the day in order to keep hunger at bay. By spacing your meals and snacks every 3 – 4 hours apart you’ll keep hunger under control, rev-up your metabolism, and keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day.
  2. Be well rested: Adults need 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night. If you’re not getting sufficient sleep and rest then aspects of your brain chemistry are affected which could trigger cravings for carbohydrates. Rest and recovery are an essential part of success in weight-loss.
  3. Exercise: Staying active can help curb your cravings by releasing “feel-good” hormones, plus it’s a great way to stay occupied until a craving passes.
  4. Avoid food triggers and cues: If part of your daily routine sets you up for an urge that you can’t pass up, then it’s time to change your routine! If you’re in the habit of snacking while watching TV at the end of your day, then try reading a book or magazine in another room, going out for a brisk walk, or having a relaxing bath instead. You’ll keep yourself occupied and hopefully get past the cravings.
  5. Let the craving pass: Stop, breathe, take a moment to relax, and then let the urge pass. You might feel stronger to acknowledge the craving and let it recede with each exhale.
  6. Carry a “talisman:” Whether it’s reading a special note with your favorite quote, wearing your Live Strong bracelet, or looking at an old photo of yourself at your heaviest weight, use something that will be a strong reminder that making a healthy choice is part of your new, daily routine.
  7. Figure out what you’re really hungry for: Is it really hunger or possibly thirst? Try having a glass of water first. Do you need that sweet pick-me-up, or would some fresh air help to revive your senses? Before you reach for that item you’re craving, stop and ask yourself – What am I really hungry for? Use your journal to keep a log of those answers to keep track of how your surroundings are impacting your food choices.

Follow this list of suggestions when faced with powerful cravings. If you find coping with cravings is tough when faced with certain situations, take time to discuss this with your IP coach so they can help you be prepared. Remember, having some Ideal Protein snack options on-hand while at home, in work, or while traveling can also help keep you on track and keep you from reaching for food choices that can sabotage your progress.

The Body Language Team